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Lancheng company signed the technical consultation contract for Nanbu landfill in Lanxi City

Recently, Lancheng company signed a technical consulting contract for Nanbu landfill in Lanxi City. This project is the second landfill technical consulting service project of the environmental protection group in Lanxi City.
In December, 2021, Lancheng company successfully won the bid for the current situation investigation and assessment of Lanxi municipal solid waste landfill and the preparation of treatment plan. During the implementation of the project, the environmental protection group has been highly recognized by the owner with its excellent technical force, high-quality service level and efficient project management ability. From May 31 to June 1, 2022, at the expert site consultation meeting on the second batch of landfill site status investigation and "one site, one policy" treatment scheme organized by the provincial classification office, the comprehensive treatment scheme of Lanxi municipal solid waste landfill reported by blue city was highly praised by leading experts.
The signing of this contract is a comprehensive reflection that Lancheng has been fully recognized by the industry in terms of landfill technical services. Lancheng company will continue to strive for perfection in the field of ecological and environmental governance, provide technical services and establish a good reputation, so as to lay the foundation for building a provincial landmark environmental protection project.



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