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Visit to Jiujiang domestic waste incineration power generation project

Domestic waste is produced continuously every day. According to the data, more than 1700 tons of domestic waste are produced every day in Jiujiang City. Where do they end up with such a huge amount of domestic waste?
"We can burn 2250 tons of garbage a day, about 820000 tons a year, and generate about 325million kilowatt hours of electricity a year." The person in charge of Jiujiang domestic waste incineration power generation project standing in front of the booth said that he had solved the "mystery of the whereabouts" of domestic waste for the lovely young smiling faces.
The theme of the 6th five year plan world environment day in 2022 is "jointly building a clean and beautiful world". In order to further gather the consensus of the whole society on ecological environment protection and create a good social atmosphere for jointly building a beautiful China, on May 20, Jiujiang Chaisang Ecological Environment Bureau, together with the Chaisang District Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Chaisang District Education Development Center and the Chaisang District No. 1 middle school, Went to Everbright environmental energy (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd. to carry out the study tour of Jiujiang domestic waste incineration power generation project, and witnessed the whole process of "turning waste into treasure" of domestic waste.
Under the guidance of the commentator, the students learned the construction standards, production process, waste treatment cost and the disposal process of slag, flue gas, leachate and fly ash of the domestic waste incineration power generation project. In the central control room, the students learned about the advanced automatic control system and how the central control room acts as the "brain" of the whole field to command the "coordinated operation" of various process links; In the crane control room, the students saw the mountains of domestic garbage being picked up by the crane across the glass wall, put into the feed inlet in batches and sent to the incinerator for full combustion at the temperature of 800-1000 ℃; In the incineration process, how can the high-temperature and high-pressure steam realize the conversion from heat energy to electric energy in the steam turbine, so that the domestic waste can be truly harmless, reduced and recycled.



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