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The first ultra-low emission domestic waste power plant in Hebei Province was officially put into operation in Shunping County

With the peach blossom in full bloom, Kangheng environment Shunping County domestic waste incineration power generation project successfully passed the "72+24" hour full load test run, marking the official commissioning of the first ultra-low emission domestic waste incineration power plant in Hebei Province.
The garbage collection and transportation scope of Shunping domestic waste incineration power plant is centered in Shunping County, radiating Wangdu county and Quyang County. The daily treatment of domestic waste is 1000 tons, the annual waste treatment capacity is about 365000 tons, the annual operation time is not less than 8000 hours, and the estimated annual power generation is 135.7 × 10⁶kWh。 The most advanced ultra-low emission flue gas purification treatment scheme in the world - "sncr+ semi dry method (Ca (OH) Э solution) + dry method (NaHCO ₃ dry powder) + activated carbon adsorption + bag type dust removal +scr+ wet method" is adopted for flue gas purification. The emission of flue gas, acid gas, nitrogen oxide, dust, dioxin and other pollutants after rigorous flue gas purification process is controlled at a very low emission level. The sustainable development of human and environment can be realized through the integrated environment and energy services that are reduced, resourceful and harmless.



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