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Countermeasures and suggestions for problems in cost control of waste incineration Enterprises
(1) Further promote comprehensive budget management, continue to carry out industry benchmarking and reduce costs. Comprehensive budget management is the basis of cost control, and the implementation of cost control must rely on comprehensive budget management. In the production process of incineration power generation, each cost element shall be decomposed and detailed to each link, which can organically combine comprehensive budget management and cost control. Strengthen industry ties, focus on analyzing the gap with benchmarking enterprises in terms of human cost, cost level, management ability, development planning, etc., and actively formulate practical improvement measures and schemes to reduce costs by comprehensively facing first-class enterprises at home and abroad and related fields. In the process of comprehensive budget management and industry benchmarking, the quota consumption shall be reasonably formulated. Quota formulation should be based on technical measurement and statistical analysis, supplemented by empirical estimation. The contents mainly include consumption quota, personnel quota, cost quota, equipment quota, technical and economic index quota, etc. The quota shall be revised regularly to keep it at an advanced and reasonable level‘
(2) Strengthen information construction to ensure the accuracy of cost calculation data. The foundation is not solid and the earth is shaking. It is necessary to further improve various metering devices and related systems required for operation and production, such as truck scale, electricity meter, flowmeter, etc., to ensure that the waste treatment capacity, power supply, material access and consumption are measured and accepted in strict accordance with the specified procedures. Various measuring equipment, tools and instruments shall be regularly calibrated and maintained by a special organization or person to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the data. At the same time, each department shall establish relevant operation statistics records for production and operation activities according to the division of responsibilities, including weighing and measurement records, operation management records, various parameter index data during the daily operation of facilities, such as leachate treatment data, so as to timely, accurately, systematically and completely reflect the input and output, regularly analyze and summarize, and there shall be no false, false, wrong or missing data.
(3) Implement detailed multi-level and diversified cost accounting. waste incineration power generation enterprises take waste incineration power generation and waste disposal services as the final product accounting objects. At the same time, according to the requirements of cost management, multi-level and diversified product cost accounting objects can be refined. For example, the sewage treatment process and flue gas purification process are taken as the cost accounting objects, and the leachate treatment and concentrated solution treatment can be taken as the cost accounting objects respectively according to the sewage treatment team. Instead of using a single waste treatment power generation cost calculation, it is detailed into the process.
(4) Reasonably balance economic and social benefits, build cost management based on value chain, build cost management based on value chain, expand value chain analysis from internal management to whole process management, including the whole process of project design, construction, operation, etc. after the cost is apportioned in the value chain, it is used to compare the cost distribution of various value activities, and cut down the inefficient and non value adding work in the value chain, Achieve the purpose of reducing costs.



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