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Grid connection of Shandong Weifang Changyi annual 210000 ton garbage power generation project

The clean and tidy plant area, spacious and bright plants, and large mechanical arms in the closed production workshop continuously send domestic waste to the incinerator. After high-temperature combustion and other follow-up processes, "rebirth" is transformed into green power and sent to thousands of households... Recently, Weifang Changyi domestic waste power generation project phase I was successfully connected to the grid.
"Compared with ordinary burying, composting and incineration, waste incineration power generation has the advantages of small space occupation, fast treatment speed, obvious reduction, complete harmless and recyclable waste heat from waste incineration, and has significant economic, social and ecological benefits." According to the person in charge of Weifang Development and Reform Commission, up to now, there are 10 domestic waste incineration plants connected to the grid in Weifang, with an annual treatment of more than 3million tons of domestic waste, a total installed power generation capacity of 151000 kW, and an annual power generation capacity of more than 700million kwh, which can effectively replace 210000 tons of standard coal and reduce 546000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
As the first waste incineration power generation project jointly built by Weifang government and enterprises, Weifang Changyi domestic waste incineration power plant is located in Changyi Longchi Chemical Industrial Park. It is invested and operated by Changyi Taida environmental protection Co., Ltd. with a phase I investment of 380million yuan. It was started in August 2020. It has built two 300 ton domestic waste incineration lines, a 15 MW steam turbine generator unit, supporting waste ponds, flue gas purification, leachate treatment and other systems, It is estimated that the annual treatment of domestic waste is 219000 tons, and the annual external power supply is about 78million kwh, which can effectively replace about 23400 tons of standard coal and reduce about 60800 tons of carbon dioxide.
"Clean incineration is not a simple burning, but a strict and detailed process flow." According to the person in charge of the power plant, the project adopts the "three-stage push modular" mechanical grate furnace with advanced technology, mature process, independent research and development and local manufacturing. Among them, the combined process of "in furnace denitration + semi dry deacidification + dry spraying + activated carbon adsorption + PTFE membrane filter bag dust removal" is adopted for flue gas purification to fully purify the micro dust and harmful substances in the flue gas, realize dust removal, desulfurization and dechlorination, and eliminate dioxin secondary pollution. The flue gas emission index is better than the current national and local standards; The components of leachate are complex, with the characteristics of high COD concentration, high ammonia nitrogen content, deep chromaticity, malodor, etc. through the combined process of "pretreatment +uasb+mbr+nf+ro", after reaching the level I a discharge standard, the concentrated liquid and clear liquid are reused for treatment to achieve zero discharge; The fly ash gathered by the dust collector is treated by the stable solidification process of "chelating agent + water + fly ash", which greatly reduces the activity of heavy metals in the incineration fly ash, meets the pollutant control standard of the domestic waste landfill, and is sent to the special fly ash landfill for centralized landfill; The slag is transported out to burn bricks and pave roads, and the utilization rate is as high as 100%.
At the same time, the project innovation adopts the "government + social capital cooperation" operation mode to obtain a reasonable return on investment through the sales revenue of resourced products, waste disposal fees, subsidies, etc. within the scope of the project. The government is responsible for reviewing and supervising the project company to exercise its rights and perform its obligations. It is reported that the cooperation period of the project is 30 years. After the expiration of the cooperation period, the project company will transfer the franchise right of the project to the implementing agency or the government designated agency free of charge, which is the first time in Weifang domestic waste incineration power generation industry.
At present, the second phase of Weifang Changyi domestic waste power generation project is under active planning. After completion, it will further solve the problems of domestic waste landfill and resource recovery, realize the harmless treatment of urban and rural domestic waste, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of an ecologically livable city.



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